File Access Service (FAS)


File Access Service (FAS) is access to computing resources like workstations, Maximo, HR Self Serve, file shares printers, as well as most library computers and computer lab resources. WebFAS is remote access using a web browser to access to your files and various desktop software within a “virtual desktop” environment.

How do I get it?

When you are connected to the York network using your Passport York login, you can get to the resources to which FAS allows you access.

How do I get help?

  • Please contact your department or faculty IT support to set up access to networked resources, or to request a change to your storage allocations.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

FAS technical information


File Access Service is used to access the following networked resources:

  • Personal folders for work-related files and data;
  • Shared/Collaborative folders for groups, projects and other uses;
  • Course-related files and data for faculty;
  • Storage space available/allocated for all of the above is determined by the users’ department and/or faculty.
  • Self-service restore of previous versions of files that have been modified or deleted within one month. (Note: this feature may not be available, or have different retention parameters, in some departments or Faculties.)

“Virtual Desktop” access with WebFAS:

  • Allows secure access to folders and a Windows desktop environment from Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops or desktops on campus or off;
  • Uses a web browser (Firefox, IE, or Safari) to start up the “virtual desktop”.
  • WebFAS can be accessed at

Not all networked resources are joined to the “YORKU” domain used by the FAS.