Blackberry Service


Blackberry Enterprise service at York is provided by Telus Mobility. Combined with Lotus Notes email service, the Blackberry Enterprise service at York gives you these features on a Blackberry phone:

  • Lotus Notes email
  • Calendaring
  • Address Book

View a selection of available Blackberrys, at

How do I get it?

  • York faculty and instructors, and administrative staff can request this service
  • You must have a valid budget number
  • Please review the various mobile products, plans and packages available from Telus Mobility prior to requesting the service.

How do I get help?


Blackberry service technical information

  • Blackberry Enterprise based services can only be configured to access a single Lotus Notes account.
  • Email messages and Calendar scheduling are delivered to Blackberry device almost instantaneously.
  • Emails can be viewed embedded with Web links, inclusive of images, page layout and text formatting.
  • Blackberry device is synchronized with information within the individual’s address book.