About UIT

UIT exists to provide a wide range of information technology services to York’s faculty, staff and students in support of the University’s academic, research and administrative goals. For more detailed information on the services we provide please visit www.yorku.ca/computing/
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UIT's Service Availability Profile

UIT’s Service Availability Profile reflects monthly service metrics of its KEY services as defined in the UIT Service Portfolio. The monthly calculation of the metric depends on the availability of each service to the user community, within its specified operational window, less the time utilized for service maintenance. Service availability is colour coded to display its service performance.
UIT-Service Availability Profile for Fiscal 2017 - 2018 (PDF)
How availability metrics are developed
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Major Groups Within UIT

Three major groups within UIT work together to provide integrated solutions and services:

      • Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) Infrastructure provides the University with a foundation of reliable, efficient and secure common services and technologies;
      • Applications & Integration works in collaboration with groups throughout the University to obtain, develop, integrate, and support a wide variety of software applications to effectively support the University's processes in many areas, from teaching and learning to web publishing to administrative systems;
      • Client Solutions and Services provides a variety of “client facing” services and works to engage the York community bringing together functional and technical expertise to define and implement integrated practical and strategic solutions that enable the advancement of University priorities.

UIT Service Desk

The Service Desk is the liaison between York University’s central IT services and its users. It is your initial point of contact for reporting technical problems, seeking solutions, and making routine requests for services. Service Desk staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and strive to provide quick resolution to your IT inquiries.
The Service Desk also keeps the York community informed of all IT-related developments, changes and events (including technical emergencies, service maintenance and interruptions).
Service Desk Counters
Email: askit@yorku.ca Website: askit.yorku.ca

UIT Mandate, Vision and Guiding Principles

Our Mandate –

University Information Technology (UIT) provides leadership in information technology direction, planning, policy development and integrated service delivery for York. In partnership with other University I.T. groups and external providers, UIT provides integrated information technology services, solutions and support that enable all members of the York community in furthering the University’s and their own academic, research and administrative goals.

Our Vision –

UIT aims to be seen as York University’s trusted information and communications technology advisor and a responsive provider of great solutions and services to the entire University community.

Our Guiding Principles –

Alignment with University objectives – We will strive to understand what our clients do and what they need and work with them to ensure that our efforts fit with University priorities.

Integration and a University-wide perspective – We will take a broad, organizational process view of the University, be thoughtful about balancing unique needs with those of the whole, and work to ensure that our solutions and services are integrated and foster integration.

Clarity – We will be clear about: our services - what we do (and don’t do); the expectations and terms around those services; and how priorities are established.

Communication - We will ensure that we are active in both listening and telling. Listening so that we understand the needs and expectations of our constituents (including each other) and telling them clearly and often about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Engaged partners – The best outcomes are achieved through building strong relationships and partnerships with our internal clients, other IT groups, and external vendors and providers.

Service excellence and continuous improvement – We strive to do all that we do to a standard of excellence. We will measure ourselves against goals with the aim of continually seeking opportunities to do better.

Courtesy and respect – We are all service providers and we will deal with those that we serve, those that serve us and each other in a responsive, courteous and respectful manner.

Who’s Who in UIT

See the departments and people who comprise University Information Technology (UIT) in the York Atlas Directory.