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February 21, 2017

New Ask IT page on the Computing Website.

For quick and easy analyst access to Cherwell, Remedy and the Client Portal, we have added a new Ask IT webpage. To view it, please click here.

February 7, 2017

Cherwell training documentation.

For the Cherwell User Manual Guide, click here.

For the latest version of the Cherwell User Training Guide, click here.

January 5, 2017

Cherwell training is coming!

Analyst training sessions are being scheduled for the first half of February. Stay tuned for the invitations to register.

We are offering two types of training, based on your support role:

1. First Level Analyst Training for members of customer facing teams (Service Desk, Accounts and Classroom Operations as examples).

2. Second Level Analyst Training for members of escalation teams (SMS, IDIS, Network Operations, Information Security as examples).

December 5, 2016

The ITSM instance of Cherwell is going live on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017. The Incident, Service Request and Change Management processes will be going live as part of Phase 1 of the implementation. Training and documentation will be provided for all Cherwell agents in early February. Stay tuned for more information.

Connect with UIT for assistance with your Cherwell questions.


1. Why are we moving to Cherwell?

      Some of the advantages of moving to Cherwell include:

      1. Customer Portal integration – allows the community to log their tickets/requests via the Cherwell web portal interface.

      2. Dashboards – live reporting tool. Allows analysts and managers to see live reporting of their teams’ tickets.

      3. Better alignment to ITIL processes – intuitive, out of the box ITIL process workflow built into the incident or request lifecycle.

      4. Enhanced functionality – improved look and feel to the “analyst view” of the application. Easier to follow ticket creation, update and resolution workflow, resulting in more efficient ticket creation and flow.

2. What are Dashboards?

      Please view the following Word Document on Dashboards.

3. What is the preferred browser?

      Cherwell is compatible with all of our browsers, including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

4. What do I do with with SPAM related tickets?

      SPAM related tickets are to be "Resolved" with the "SPAM" Cause Code, as shown below:

5. Is Cherwell AODA compliant?

      This version of Cherwell is not AODA compliant. The vendor is working towards incorporating AODA compliance into their next version.