FTP Settings - Central Web


FTP software enables you to upload files from a computer to a web server using the File Transfer Protocol. FTP functionality is often built in to web authoring software, but it can be done using stand-alone FTP software  Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.

How do I get it?

  • FTP Settings for Central Web:

FTP software, or web authoring software with built-in FTP functionality, requires several settings be set correctly to be able to upload files to your Central Web account. Each setting is explained below:


  • Where you enter the host name or IP address of the FTP server to which you wish to connect.
  • For central web accounts type publish.yorku.ca

User name

  • Where you type your Central Web username.


  • Where you type your Central Web password.


  • Typically the port is set to "21". If you are connecting to a secure (SFTP) server the port should be set to "22".

How do I get help?

  • Content you upload to /home/USERNAME/MyWebSite will appear on the Internet as http://www.yorku.ca/USERNAME/
  • Contact askit@yorku.ca.