Zoom @ YorkU & Managed Videoconferencing

NOTE when making Zoom Recordings:
A) Be aware that processing time is dependent on the computer (e.g. a 1 hour recording can take 20 minutes of processing time at the end)
B) Consider making several shorter videos instead of one long video
C) Make some test recordings before your recording session to be familiar with the steps and processing time

Zoom @ YorkU


The Zoom @ York U service is York University’s supported solution for video conferencing and collaboration. The service is in a pilot phase.

This service allows you to communicate in real time with two or more people at different locations, via video, audio and collaboration tools from meeting rooms, workstations, personal computers and mobile devices. Basic licenses are available to all Faculty and Staff which allow 1 to 1 meetings of unlimited duration. Meetings with 3 or more (100 max) participants are capped at 40 minutes for Basic users.

Pro User Licenses are part of a Limited Term Pilot, and not available for community-wide deployment at this time. Use of a Pro license for “one off” events can be requested by contacting the UIT Service Desk at askit@yorku.ca.

Zoom reference documentation:


Users are able to log in securely with their Passport York credentials by visiting yorku.zoom.us. The Zoom @ York U service does not store any personal information beyond email address (which serves as the user account) and company name.

The meeting transmission data (audio, video, and content) and metadata are encrypted from end to end using the AES 256bit encryption algorithm and TLS tunneling as they connect to and travel through the Zoom cloud servers which are outside of the York network.

Meeting hosts are able to record locally to their personal device, and can grant other meeting participants the ability to record in meeting, though this feature is not available by default. Participants are alerted to active recording in meetings by the red record icon in the top left of the Zoom window. Though a feature of Zoom, Cloud Recording has not been enabled at this time and as such recorded content will not be placed online unless it is manually uploaded by the author.

How do I get it?

Eligibility: Full time active Faculty and Staff

Go to: http://yorku.zoom.us

Users can log in with their Passport York accounts by visiting yorku.zoom.us and clicking “sign in”. Your account will automatically be created by the system and assigned a Basic license.

If you or your department are interested in conducting a videoconference using a Pro license please contact the UIT Service Desk online at askit@yorku.ca. Charges may apply.

What are the costs?

Use of the Zoom @ York U service with a Basic license is at no cost – this does not include the use, delivery or setup of any equipment.

Please contact the UIT Service Desk online at askit@yorku.ca for information on Pro licenses and available classroom equipment deliveries.

Pro accounts are periodically reviewed. Any Pro accounts deemed inactive: i.e. last log in was more than 6 months ago, will be reverted to Basic status.