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Files and Data stored on servers located within the University Information Technology (UIT) data centre facilities are routinely backed up on storage devices for the benefit of users. Two types of storage options are available and both residing on the network storage sub-system, high speed drive storage and standard drive storage, each varying in cost.

In addition, multi-site storage duplication/replication is available for Disaster Recovery purposes. The multi-site option consists of your data residing on multiple sites (Steacie and Tel) providing access to your data even in the event of one of the sites being inaccessible. This Server requires that you store two copies of the data (one copy per site) and also consists of a minor ($0.72 per GB) surcharge for the duplication/replication infrastructure charge. This option would generally only be purchased in situations where the data is deemed critical and is required should a disaster scenario occur.

Central storage data is backed up, with some exceptions, to an off-site data centre and backup copies and changes are retained for a period of 60 days.

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Service Details


  • Server Management services are only available for servers that are installed and managed (including Operating System) within UIT computing facilities.
  • Standard support is provided during regular business hours (8:30am – 4:30pm ET).


  • Users of this service must have already subscribed to the Server Hardware Management and Operating System Management Services.


  • Onsite and offsite storage for data that is required in a Disaster scenario (i.e. one of the datacentres (Steacie or Tel) become unavailable)
  • Monthly storage and service charges are billed separately, based on actual storage allocation requirements.


    • Charges are based on space allocated/requested versus space actually used.
Single Site Storage
Tier 1 Fiber Channel Storage $2.88 per GB allocated per year
Tier 2 SATA Storage $1.92 per GB allocated per year
Onsite and offsite storage duplication / replication option (Multi-site)
Tier 1 Fiber Channel Storage $6.48 per GB allocated per year
Tier 2 SATA Storage $4.56 per GB allocated per year