How to Set up SIS Applications on your PC using Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver Installation

If Citrix has not yet been installed or setup on your workstation, please contact your local desktop computing support group requesting that the Citrix Receiver be installed so RemoteSALv2 (using Citrix) can be used.

Once RemoteSALv2 (using Citrix) is installed, please use the below instructions to finish setting up Citrix so SIS applications can be used.

One Time Initial Setup

Step 1 - Open Citrix Receiver

 1. Right click the Citrix Receiver icon 1-1  on the bottom right hand corner on your monitor.

Image showing Citrix Receiver Icon on the System Tray

2. Now Click Open

  Image showing Citrix Receiver Open Function                        

3. This window will open:

Image showing location of Favourite Aps Citrix Location


Step 2 – Add SIS Applications to the main Citrix Screen (Needs to be done only once)

 1. Select the + sign on the mid left hand corner of the window

Image showing how to add Favourite Aps on the Citrix Receiver

2. Click on SIS Applications

Image showing how to access SIS Applications in Citrix Receiver

3. In this step, you will move SIS applications to the main Citrix Receiver screen for quick access. To do that, click on the application(s) name. This will move the application to the main screen.

Image showing different SIS Applications in Citrix Receiver

4. Once the application is moved, you will see a green check mark 2-4  beside the application name.

Image showing how to move a SIS Application to the Citrix Receiver Desktop

5. Check all application names you would like to move to the main screen. Once you are done, your main screen will look similar to the screen below.

Image showing various selected SIS Applications in Citrix Receiver

NOTE: Only add SIS applications to the above main screen. Microsoft applications such as MS Excel and MS Word are installed on your PC. Microsoft applications should be run from your PC, not through Citrix Receiver.

Using SIS Applications

How to start SIS applications (When you need to open a SIS application):

  1. Select the SIS application from the Start - Programs - WEBFAS menu

Image showing how to select SIS Applications from the Windows Start Menu