Junos Pulse Setup Instructions for Android

    1. Go to Google Playstore and download the Junos Pulse client.
    2. Go to Apps and tap the Junos Pulse client to open the app.
    3. Tap on "Add Connection".
    4. Under "Connection Name" type the name for your VPN connection. For example "My VPNYork"
    5. Copy the URL to your SSLVPN from the Listing of SSLVPN table and enter it in the URL field. For example: https://vpngateway.yorku.ca/vpnyork2
    6. Under "Username" type your PPY username.
    7. Under Authentication Type select "Password".
    8. Tap on "Create Connection"
    9. The newly created connection is now listed on the "Connections" listing.
    10. Tap and hold your connection entry.
    11. To open a VPN connection select "Connect" from the drop down list.
    12. The SSLVPN login page is presented. Enter your PPY username and password and tap "Sign In"
    13. Select "I trust this application" and tap "OK".
    14. Pull down the task bar by dragging from top down. A listing of running Apps is presented. Tap on the Junos Pulse entry
    15. To see the VPN Status details select "Configure" then "Status". This entry lists your assigned SSLVPN YorkU IP and other connection details
    16. To end your VPN session repeat steps 14 and select "Disconnect".