Passport York Single Login

Students, Faculty & Staff

Simplify your access to key York computing resources and services


Effective February 8th, 2012 your PASSPORT YORK Login can become the single login to access most York computing resources and services.


Go to “Manage My Services” at, check the box beside "Click this box before logging in to change your Passport York password", login with your Passport York username and password and follow the prompts to change your Passport York password to automatically activate the single login. That's it! In future when you need to change your Passport York password, visit this site again.


Where Passport York and FAS (File Access Service) usernames and passwords exist, they will automatically become one and the same as soon as you change your Passport York password.

Once your password is changed, use your Passport York username and password to gain access to a growing number of computing resources and services

Some examples of Passport York authenticated computing resources and services

*Please note that SIS Classic, York and Faculty email systems, and some faculty / department specific applications will maintain a separate password.

**Faculty and Staff please note: When you login to your computer using CTRL+ALT+DEL your Passport York login should be used. Password changes can no longer be made here once your single login is in effect (Windows only). .

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