Citrix Mobile - Access SIS on Apple iOS


The Citrix Reciever App for iOS allows York staff to launch any SIS applications that they have access to normally on their desktops using iOS devices (Apple iPhone or iPad).

How to Get It

  1. On your Apple device open the App Store.
  2. In the App Store, tap "search" and search for "Citrix Receiver."
  3. Tap "Install" to install the Citrix Receiver app.
  4. Once it has finished installing tap "Open" to launch Receiver.
  5. Once Receiver has opened tap "Add Account."
  6. In the "Address" field type:
  7. Enter your passport york username and password into the respective fields and tap "log in."
  8. You can now launch your SIS applications.

How to use it

  1. If you have not already done so, tap the "Receiver" icon to launch Citrix Receiver.
  2. Launch the SIS application you wish to use:
    • On iPad: If you have already used Citrix on the desktop you should already see your SIS applications listed and you can simply tap the SIS Applications icon to launch it.
    • On Iphone: Tap on "Apps" in the bottom of the screen, select "SIS Applications" the tap on the app you wish to launch.
  3. Once the application launches enter your Passport York username and password.
    • To type on iPad: tap the downward pointing triangle at the top of the screen and select "keyboard." Note: Do not drag the triangle downward, just tap it briefly.
    • To type on iPhone: tap on the small rectangular grid near the bottom of the screen then tap the keyboard.
  4. You can now use your SIS application as you would using a windows desktop.
  5. When you are finished, log out of your Citrix session. Tap the downward pointing triangle, then select "Home"  On the home screen tap the "person" icon (next to the cog icon on the top right of the screen), then tap "Log Off"

To add SIS applications to Citrix home page (iPad Only)

  1. Launch the Receiver app
  2. Tap the plus sign on the middle left side of the screen
  3. In the WEBFAS menu that appears select the "SIS Applications" folder (you may have to scroll down to the bottom).
  4. Press the plus sign to the right of the SIS Application that you wish to use
  5. Press on the desktop to close the menu and you should see the SIS application is now on the Citrix desktop.  Press on it to launch the application.