Lotus Notes - Recent Contacts Feature

New feature - Recent Contacts

A new feature in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 enables you start typing a person's name, email username or a listserv name in the "To:" field, and have displayed a list of potential recipients. The list will decrease in size as you type more of the name. You can click on a name in the list or complete typing the name.

Please be very careful that you select the correct name/email address so that you do not inadvertently send email to wrong address/person.

If you do find that there are email addresses being displayed that you will not use, go to your Contacts, click on Recent Contacts, and simply select and delete the ones you do not wish to maintain, and they will no longer appear in the list as you type in the "To:" field.

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What is a Recent Contact anyway? 
A dynamic list containing names of people with whom you have had contact recently, such as sending e-mail messages or participating in chats.

Are there any "gotchas" between Recent Contacts and the old type-ahead functionality?
The R7 type-ahead feature returned exactly the same result every time: if you typed "jo" the same name would always come up unless a new Contact or Person was added manually. Recent Contacts is constantly updating so the user needs to pay more attention to the name that pops up, the desired name may be in a different position on the list each time.

Once a name is added to Recent Contacts, will it always be there? 
No. New address will move to the top of the list and the old address will move down, eventually falling off the bottom of the list.

Do you have to manually maintain Recent Contacts? 
Recent Contacts is designed to be a "hands off" feature so you do not have to manually update anything. Just carefully choose the correct name from the type-down list and you will find that the address you use most often will usually be the first choice on the list.

What about when one of your contacts gets a new email address? 
Here's an overview of what happens when one of your important contacts gets a new email address.

  • The new address won't be added to Recent Contacts until you send a message to that address or open an email or calendar entry containing that address.
  • The old address can be temporarily purged by deleting the entry in Recent Contacts. As long as that document is in the Trash, Notes will not add the old address back into Recent Contacts even if you open a message with the old address. Don't empty the Trash in your personal address book. Let the deleted entry sit there for the default 48 hours.
  • Notes will treat the old address and the new address as separate entries, you don't need to empty the Trash for Notes to add the new address.
  • Notes dynamically sorts the Recent Contact list by weight so frequently used addresses move to the top of the list. If you see both the new and old address on the type-down list, choose the new address 2 or 3 times. The new address will move to the top of the list and the old address will move down, eventually falling off the bottom of the list. This is the best way to manage Recent Contact-- just choose the address you want and Notes will adjust.

Are Recent Contacts automatically added to your local address book?
No. Recent Contacts are not automatically stored in your Contacts application (local names.nsf).

Are Recent Contacts pulled only from the To and From fields of emails?
No. In addition to message To and From fields, names are also pulled from your calendar entries and chats.

Are names from BCC fields included?
No. BCC recipients will not be added from emails you receive.

How many names can Recent Contacts store?
Up to 2000 names.

If you prefer the old type-ahead feature, can you revert to that?
Recent Contacts can be disabled with two preferences if you prefer the R7 type-ahead feature.

  • File - Preferences - Contacts - Do not automatically add names to the Recent Contacts view .
  • File - Preferences - Basic Notes Client configuration - Additional Options - Disable type-ahead for all name fields and use Notes Basic type-ahead.

If you only disable the first preference Notes will keep using Recent Contacts but new names will not be added to the view.