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Remedy Dashboard

1. Supported browsers and plugin requirements

  • Firefox version 24+
  • Internet Explorer 8-10
  • Flash Plugin 10.0+
  • Browser Resolution for Manager’ Dashboard: Make sure the browser’s resolution is set to 75% or less for better functions view

2. Access Requirements

  • An ACTIVE Passport York account with active FAS/AD
  • Access restricted to full /part time UIT employees

3. Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why am I getting Access Denied error?

Please ensure you are selecting the correct dashboard.  Dashboard access is restricted to department access group.  e.g A user can only view his/her respective team Dashboard

2. I cannot access my Dashboard using my AD log in. I am getting access denied error?

If you are using a ‘Non AD workstation setup / Off campus’ network connection, you must sign with the following username format:  YORKU/username

Windows Security Popup

3. My Dashboard contains an employee that is no longer with my team?

  • List is based on Remedy queue list
  • If they have any existing tickets under their name, it will still appear.

○     Resolve/re-assign their existing ticket(s)

○     E-mail to remove the individual from your department queue list (include thier full name / employee ID number)

○     Once the above steps have been completed email to update your respective Remedy Dashboard list (include the department, full name, and username)

4. Can Staff members view Manager’ Dashboard?

No, staff members can only view Staff Dashboard. However, Managers have view access rights to Staff & Manager Dashboard

5. Is the Dashboard data based on real-time?  I resolved a ticket recently but it’s not showing on the Dashboard?

  • The Dashboard is updated on a hourly bases. E.g. If a ticket is resolved at 4:45 PM, it will not appear until after 5 PM update

6. Can I request change on the data populated on my Dashboard to meet my team’s business requirements?


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