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Camtasia Relay is York University’s supported solution for lecture capture.

This service is available to all York University faculty and staff members, who would like to use lecture capture as a way to enhance and supplement their teaching.

Currently, Camtasia Relay is available in supported classrooms on campus. Please click here for a list of Camtasia Relay enabled rooms. Otherwise, you can still request an account for use on your home, office or portable computer. Go to the How do I get it? section for more information and links.


The following features are currently available for York University’s Camtasia Relay service:

- Easy to use interface;

- Captures audio and video from your computer;

- Passport York integration;

- Once you have Moodle associated with Camtasia Relay, lectures are automatically added to your course;

- You are notified via email when your recording is ready for sharing;

- Mobile device sharing:

        • iTunes Podcasting for iOS devices;
        • RSS Feeds for users who choose to not use iTunes Podcasting;

- Webcam for Picture-in-Picture (PiP)*

- Smart Player videos play in HTML pages on both desktop computers AND on HTML5 compliant mobile devices; and

- Smart Player searching capabilities and table of contents based on PowerPoint slide titles and audio transcription.**

* Currently NOT available in York Lecture Halls or Classrooms. This option is ONLY for capable personal computers running Camtasia Relay recorder.

** Audio transcription is not the same as captioning. The system performs a best-efforts based analysis on what it hears, and creates a searchable indexof words and then attaches those words to points in the recording where it 'heard' it.


Mac recorder:

- OSX 10.6 and 10.8

- Intel-based processor

- 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)

- Powered microphone

- 2 GB of free hard drive space per recording hour

- A Web Camera is required for capturing your face as a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window (PiP is not available in Lecture Halls)

PC (Windows) recorder:

- Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

- Processor & memory – follow the recommended OS guidelines – XP, Vista, Windows 7

- Powered or built-in microphone

- 2 GB of free hard drive space per recording hour

- A Web Camera is required for capturing your face as a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window (PiP is not available in Lecture Halls


Please click here to view which rooms are currently available. Please note that only the Keele Campus has Camtasia Enabled rooms. Glendon Campus does not currently have any wired rooms. For enquiries on possibly having a room that is currently not listed, please email


Please be aware that all lecture capture is subject to copyright. Please visit the Copyright Office website for information:


All York University faculty and staff with valid Passport York (PPY) credentials, who want to use the system for use with their course curriculum, learning and development, and/or University business services qualify for an account. If you have an Osgoode, Schulich, Glendon or other email address, please do not provide it as your PPY account. We require the username you use to login to your Manage My Services account (

You have two options for requesting the Camtasia Relay service.

For those who want to request:

- Moodle and Camtasia Relay, click here.

- Camtasia Relay only click here.

Once you have a Camtasia Relay account, you can start using the system immediately. For users who choose to use the software outside of the supported classrooms, you will have to download and install the Camtasia Relay recorder software first. For those who choose to use Camtasia Relay recorder in supported rooms at York, you simply have to launch the application from the built-in computer.


Learning to use Camtasia Relay is quick and easy. Below you will find tutorials and information on the Recording software for both in-class and home use.

For supported rooms at the Keele Campus

- [PDF] Using Camtasia Relay: Quick Start guide for Lecture Halls

- [Video] How to record and submit a presentation

For home, portable and office:

- [Video] How to download and install Camtasia Relay on a Windows PC

- [Video] How to download and install Camtasia Relay in Mac OS X

- [Video] How to record and submit a presentation

- [PDF] Camtasia Relay Recorder for Windows (From TechSmith)

- [PDF] Camtasia Relay Recorder for Mac OS (From Techsmith)

For a general overview of how to use the Camtasia Relay recorder software, you can consult the vendor tutorials by clicking here.



- I am not currently using Lecture Recording in my course. How can I request this service?

- Go to the How do I get it? section of this website for links to the request form.

- When I logged in to the Relay recorder, I did not see the Profile that I need. What should I do?

- Unfortunately your Camtasia Relay profile has not been set up or properly associated with your course. Please choose the Upload and Decide Later option from the drop-menu to finish your lecture. As soon as you can, please notify us at that you had to choose this option. Include the course and section, along with whether or not you’re using Moodle. We will then create a new profile and release the recording to this profile once it’s ready. To mitigate the risk of this happening, please go to the How do I get it? section to find a link to the request form.

- I don’t hear any sound when I test the recording.

- Click on the Sound button in the Relay recorder interface. Ensure your recording device is the one selected.

        • For Classroom users: Go to the How do I use it? section for the quick start guide to ensure you have followed the steps and enabled the correct sound input device (if not already chosen by default).
        • For Home users: Consult your computer documentation, Operating System, and/or microphone hardware (or software) documentation to ensure it is properly configured.

- I hit the Stop button instead of the Pause button, and I can’t get back. I can only Submit or Discard.

- If you’ve already started your class, it is best to name the presentation something such as “Lecture 1, part 1” and submit the recording. Then start a new recording for the remainder of your class, and name the second recording as “Lecture 1, part 2”.

- Can I edit this recording?

- Camtasia Relay recorder can only trim the beginning and end of your recording. This feature is handy for when you want to clean (trim) your recording’s start and finish to when you start (eg: “Okay class…” [first slide, full screen] and “That’s it, see you next week!” [last slide, full screen]). You will not be able to cut out any content in the middle of the recording.

- What if I want to do more with my recording?

- Camtasia Relay has a sibling application called Camtasia Studio for PC, and Camtasia for Mac. With this application, you can have full control over how and what your lecture looks and feels like before you share it. Camtasia Studio for PC and Camtasia for Mac can also natively publish to Camtasia Relay through your PassPort York credentials. Please note that both the Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac applications are not supported by UIT at this time.

- Can I have a copy of my lectures for my records?

- Please contact us at for more information about this.

Lecture Hall:

- Help! My class has started and I can’t get Camtasia Relay to work. What do I do?

- If you are unable to launch the application or if the software is freezing, etc., use the telephone in your room to contact Instructional Technology Centre (ITC). They will be able to assist you with your problem. ITC is responsible for all classroom technologies and software running on the classroom computers.

- If you are unable to login with your Passport York credentials, you can login as a Guest. Ensure you put your full name, and your Passport York email in the Guest of field before Submitting. Do your lecture as you previously would, and submit the recording once you’re finished. Send an email to with your full name, York University email address, course name and ID. The more information you can provide, the faster an administrator can login to the system to push the recording through to your profile.

- I can’t find the Camtasia Relay icon where the documentation shows. Where can I go?

- If for some reason, you can’t see the Camtasia Relay icon where documented, you can click on the Windows start button (bottom left), followed by All Programs. Look for TechSmith in the list. Click here to reveal the Camtasia Relay application link.


- I made and submitted a recording but it’s been a day and I still don’t see it. What’s going on?

- Unlike the on-campus Recorders that are directly tied into the campus’ physical network, your computer has to go through your home network, and then out to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and finally into York’s network. Blockages can be significant through your ISP and depending on the Internet package you pay for, the upload speeds can vary from exceptionally slow to fairly quick. The more you pay, the faster will be. For the average, mid-tier user, you may find that uploads will still take a while. Ensure you leave your computer on so the uploading process will continue; and also go to (login with your PPY credentials) to monitor the upload and encoding process of your lecture(s). If you have the ability to do so (e.g. you’re using a laptop), you can connect to AirYork when on campus for faster uploads.*

- From a technical standpoint, Camtasia Relay has captured your computer’s screen in either a Windows AVI; or Apple MOV file format. These files are going to be approximately 100 to 500 megabytes, depending on whether your lecture is closer to one hour, or three hours. This video file is uploaded to the Camtasia Server, where Camtasia Relay transcodes the file into the web and mobile shareable video format that you and your students eventually see. If your ISP has an upload speed limit of approximately 512 Kbps, and your file is 250 MBs, then your upload time would be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes under ideal conditions.

*The Relay Recorder software will persistently try to upload your lecture to the Server until it’s finished. If you sleep or restart your computer, the system will continue where it left off. For more information, you can consult the Relay Recorder documentation by clicking on the Help icon at the top middle of the application window, or by clicking here.

- What audio and video recording devices are known to work with Camtasia Relay?

- A list of verified recorders is listed on the vendor's website here:

- Is the software supported by UIT?

- We support the use of the application. We do not support the hardware and software that the Camtasia Relay software runs on. If you are experiencing problems with Camtasia Relay, please ensure to troubleshoot around the Camtasia Relay software first (e.g. Do I have an Internet connection? Is my microphone properly connected? Am I running another software application that is crashing Camtasia Relay, etc.).

- While the Relay software is supported, please keep in mind that we cannot possibly take into account the myriad of possible customized home and portable computing environments that off campus computers can have. While we do know that the Relay software will work well when installed on Windows XP, Vista and 7; and Mac OS X systems that also run Microsoft Office, we cannot foresee if other software and/or devices connected to your computer will have a negative effect on your ability to use the Relay recorder software. If you do experience problems with your Relay recorder software on a home or portable computer, please ensure that you try unplugging your peripherals and try the software again. If you still experience problems, please ensure that you include detailed information on what software and hardware you have installed on the effected computer.

How do I get help?

The Camtasia Relay recorder software has built-in help documentation. You can reference it at any time by clicking on the ‘Help’ icon at the top-middle of the Camtasia Relay recorder window.

In the Lecture Halls

Please see the FAQs for common issues that may arise when using classroom technology, and how to mitigate the potential for failure when recording your lecture. You can also watch the video tutorials in the How do I use it? section for tips on properly using Camtasia Relay.

At home

Consult with the FAQs for common issues that may arise when using the Camtasia Relay recorder at home or on your portable computer.

If you are experiencing problems with the Camtasia Relay recorder software specifically, you can submit a help request through the IT Service Desk portal:

What does it cost?

There is no cost to use Camtasia Relay for faculty and staff who use lecture capture videos in their course curriculum, learning and development, and/or University business services.